End Of Europe And Into Asia

I had my charred meat for Dinner in the form of a Kebab (of course) and we’ve even posted a picture for you. Go check them out. We had another fun time parking and they really should try harder when trying to rip off a Yorkshireman. We arrived back at the park and I said “20 more mins” to the guy as we were blocked in. So giving him some warning we wanted to move. He said “6 hours max” so we had to go as we’d been 6 hours already. I promtly paid him the 30 Turk Lira and said “OK we go now”. Once on the way back to the car he ran up and wanted another 5 TL for the over-run into the 7th hour which was quite legitimate as we had indeed been 6 hours and 5 mins (which is why were going to be another 20mins having a coffee not wanting to waste the town center parking) I promtly explained if its 6 hours max how can he charge me for 7 ?? He gave up and we drove off. Stayed last night in a really bad services and have now discovered there are better quality ones to be had even in Turkey. I have found they have western toilets in Disabled form and in Child form. Today i used the smallest toilet in the world. I could hardly get my ample backside on it. Enough gross descriptions but you’d understand if you’ve ever been to a nursery recently.Now on our way to Ankara. We have a phone card now as Turkey is in the worldwide mobile rip off zone where it goes up from expensive (35p per min) to thats a rip off (£1.70 per min). The phone card was 5TL for 60 mins UK calls which we need to tell the bank where we are to stop them blocking the card.Sat outside guess where,,,,, but not using their Wi-Fi for once. We are on someone elses. We’ve just had a worrying time trying to recharge our Turkish Toll cardfor the motorway. You can only do this at Shell stations and there seem to be none on the motorway so with a empty card, how do you get off to fill it back up again. Luckily we’ve found one. Panic over in only 100km.

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