Its Expensive Being An English Overlander

For those of you at home this will either make you laugh or cry….its about $1.60 to the £1 so something like Ribena at $14.29 + 8% Tax = $15.43 which at about £9.30 would become more expensive than a Heroine habit….We must be carrying about £50’s worth of gravy which we brought back with us after Xmas…..Luckily the American government don’t tax you on the value here. Or at least I think they don’t as when they said “anything to declare” I said “no” and if they take the USA price then I was surely over the limit ! We even had some digestive’s and they are truly expensive but this store didn’t sell them. Next time I have a treacle pudding I will say grace before hand….Rusty taught me how.Baked Beans on toast is the food of kings….truly it is. Maybe at any price but more so at this price considering the ludicrous price of bread here which is nearly $3 a loaf unless you shop around.We should be able to get gravy in Canada as we are looking forward to Poutine. Just Google it…

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