A Life In Suitcases

Some of you following the blog may know about the transport of a exhaust pipe in our suitcase from the UK back to the USA and into New Jersey. Well, this suitcase originated in Korea and collected my Step Mums daughter and the “kids” belongings to bring them to the UK for a holiday. This suitcase was BIG and just big enough for us to fit the exhaust pipe in when it was cut in half. So off it went to New Jersey where it stayed with Gayle and after we ceremoniously dumped it on them…..it was donated to the church. The same church were we met Gayle and Shona when we went there for a shower. Shona used the suitcase to go home for a visit. So its back in the UK and in St Andrews. So its been use pretty well for an old suitcase…..The exhaust is working well. Shame about the replacement seal I used on the front Axle. This will be replaced again on Friday ! If it doesn’t work we are coming home. That’s it, I’ve had enough……

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