We came over to Olympic National Park and on the way you pass through Forks which is by all account where Twilight is based. News to me….We’ve camped for free in the rain forrest and it luckily didn’t rain. We’ve had a couple of good days as it seems to rain every day in Seattle. As it was off season the camping is free. Normally $12 but this seems way too expensive for the facilities provided. One good thing is the RVs can’t get to this campsite so its used by normal campers. The USA should have more of these campsites where RVs are not allowed.We’ve ordered another few parts which means hanging round here for even longer. We’ve already been here way too long and we’re taking the preverbial pee expecting people to carry on looking after us. We’ve not stayed so long in one place for ages. I had a small leak on the front Diff and i changed the seal. This made it worse… i changed it again and its still leaking. So i’ve ordered 3 more seals from the UK. Whitey is dead….long live Blue….

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