April 14 Jeepers Creepers

Leaving today from Defenders Northwest and on our way towards Canada. We might not cross today but leave it for tomorrow morning. We’ve been in Gig Harbor long enough and Matilda has had some TLC and i’ve cheated on her….Theres now a Disco in the shop having its cam shaft changed. On of the lobes wasn’t a lobe any more and was just round. No wonder there was a loss of power. Its a V8 of course.Yesterday we had a BBQ thank to Brian and we met many other Rover fans and some nice people. You might see the MOD 110 in the line up with the new engine, gearbox,transfer and chassis. Many more things will become new but i did consider stealing his new Aluminium Rad and Intercooler. Thats Aluminium not Aluminum as its made in England. We note that the Kiwis turned there car over….take a look at their facebook page. They’ve also hiked to teh Magic Bus which we might do although its 35km and very remote. We shall see.Henning will soon be moving back to Denmark from Kenya with his wife. Good luck to them in their new adventure. How long is it until they are back on the road is anybodies guess. We will be finished in July so watch this space for some ideas on the next plan (and we have some!). It might involve buying a Jeep….LMAO…..they are nice inside but then so is a Discovery LR4…..Lizzybus isn’t far behind us and they too need to get a move on. Its only 2.5 months until July and our pending bankruptcy and they want to be home in August. 

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