Ice Road Truckers

Ok so its not icy but we are in Canada. Its raining and the car is flooded. The leak I fixed has moved. Its not as bad as it used to be and my foot is only partially wet. All Defenders do this. Mine is not too bad at the moment but parking at the wrong angle and it comes in all night. When driving it doesn’t come in now so I’m happy about that. I know where its coming from so one last sealing frenzy and we should be good. My shoe was full of water this morning but thankfully its the crocs.I painted the underside of the car in Gig Habor and so she’s all black and shiny. Rather like a fetish queen at the moment. I don’t expect the black shiny will last long though. One area of rust that needs attention but its in a unimportant place. Another one for the list.The queue at the border was pretty bad and we got asked a few questions. We got in without being strip searched and they even asked how we were leaving. We worried about a few item we had but you just say nothing. We had heard that they do not allow you to bring in fly spray and we have some. Its not on their web site though. We also had a bit too much wine but not excessive. We understand only one bottle is allowed and we had one box. As its more expensive here we tried to bring all we could. However meat is much cheaper here. At least minced beef is.The sell Poutine in McDonalds…..Really they do !!!! We love Poutine ! Google it.

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