The Hurt Locker

My damn diff lock switch is faulty, again. Its new Allmakes one and I bet its been operated twice ! Damn you Allmakes ! I’m’ going to see it it can be repaired but knowing what happened with the last one it cannot. So there’s really no way of knowing if you are out of lock or not without lifting the cubby up and visually checking by removing the switch and looking in the hole. Anybody got any tips on if there’s and easier way ?Weather has been OK so far and according to the Kiwis its getting warm which mean VERY bad and muddy roads. We want frozen roads please. We’ve found a cheap place for some goodies and a bit of food. Dollararma is a “pound shop” to you and me but it sells all sorts of rubbish. So just like ours. They sell a few tins of food, noodles and chocolate so its the best place to buy some things. We like their JUMBO tin of ravioli for $2. Canada is expensive and if you drink even more so. We are rationing the wine and spirits as a new box of wine is $30 where it was $13 in the USA in some states. Never more than $20 even in the most expensive states with lots of tax. The spirits are beyond belief. We’ve yet to fathom the fuel pricing anywhere in North America and it varies wildly. Its just expensive in Canada all the time but some places are 10c cheaper. You just need to find them.

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