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Firstly i’d like to assure everyone our diet of purely Mcdonalds is entirely untrue. We have only eaten two breakfasts and two hamburgers in the whole trip. We are using them as Wi-Fi hotspots only. We’ve had fishfingers, Chilli, Beans and eggs, spam sandwiches, frankfurters, Tom Yum Soup and a few other things i cannot remember. The useage of gas is begining to worry me as i was assured Camping Gaz was available everywhere and i’ve not yet seen a single suppier, shop, stockist or anything else. So we might yet be eating in Mcdonalds !Today we are in our first hotel purely becuase we needed a shower and we are meeting our Syrian crossing companions who are staying at the hotel down the road. We had a little fight with the hotel parking attendant as the hotel is on a very steep hill and i don’t trust my handbrake ilst carrying 2700Kg. The parking attendant seemed think kerbing was enough, i didn’t and a fight to chock my wheels ensued with at one point about 6 participants in the discussion. Needless to say my wheels are chocked. I dread to think wat my 110 would do the parked cars down the hill had the cable snaped. The curb would do little but straighten the wheels out for the decent downwards. The hotel is OK and we will sample the breakfast in the morning after all we think its included. I know a good strong coffee does wonders for my regularity if you know what i mean and they have western toilets so who knows how long i might have to last before my next sitting!I can hear the parking guy right now directing someone else on the street below. He really rules the roost here.We had a little snow last night as we were in the hills in a service station. The Webasto heater is getting some use. Matilda doesn’t like to start in cold weather but did so first time, reluctantly. Filled up with fuel and the price here is comparable with the UK so it wasn’t as expensive as i’d been told.Once we hopefully meet to ther later on we should get something to eat.I’m starving.

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