Actually Sub Zero….This place was freezing last night. Heater was on all night making it too hot. This is a gem of a place (Goreme, wikipedia) and i bet its really busy in summer. There’s some stunning views, some off road areas, some caves, stone arches and geological and man made wonders. We will post some photos of the stuff we’ve seen but we haven’t seen it all and need to leave this morning. The Dutch we are with have been here twice now and we might very well return on day to do all the tourist things we can’t do today.We rescued a stranded motorist in the off road area who’d ripped his trye off his rim. We were about a kilometer away ontop of a hill when they signalled us from the valley below. Waving arms and a white flag. I could see thier spare wheel on the ground (just) so we went looking for them. The place is a maze of tunnels and volcanic mounds of something called “Fairy Chimneys”. It took us 40 mins to find them and we nearly got stuck. We blew their tyre back on and gt them on their way, by which time it was dark and getting very cold so i don’t know what they would have done. Good job they spoke good English !

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