Party On Garth Waynes World Ref For The Uneducated

The party is complete, we’ve met the other two travellers and are now jointly travelling the rest of the way through Syria. Thats if they let us in !We have also contacted a “fixer” (travel agent) in Damascus to see if they can get us a guide or similar to come with us the whole way through Syria. A local speaking person in one of our cars will be beneficial (possibly). Lets see what they say. I’m not so sure it will make any difference as he’s going to be the first person running  away if we hit trouble and he’s likely going to be more scared of the police than we are.Tomorrow we move on to Goreme in the mountains and its meant to be COLD….the others have a hotel and we are in the car. Webasto heater will be on all night so we will be toasty. Benefits of sleeping inside the car at the moment but when its 40C i wonder how we will get along wth no aircon. The others have a roof tent. Did we do the right thing not getting one?

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