Sweeney Todd

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This is a first. I’ve just cut Julies hair. No this is a woman who spends a fortune on having her hair cut (when at home). It’s the womens way. Rather than spend a few quid on a cut they go to a place the washes it and cuts it for 5 times the price. No difference in the cut, at least not to men but they insist only “the place” can do it just right. Come on fellas you know what i mean. Your woman is the same, isn’t she ? It must be said, shes not had it cut in two years….I do my own every few weeks. I now have a Battery Wahl shaver.So her hair is trimmed. Lightly trimmed so I couldn’t get blamed for going past the “point of no repair” (return). Actually we washed it over the sink in the garage and then I just cut the ends off in a straight line. Easy. Vidal you have competition.I’ve done loads of stuff to the car whilst we’ve been in the San Diego Clubs Garage. Today I thought i’d ask Julie to check when I’d done the differential oils last. We had a shock. It was in Chile in Los Andes and 25,000miles ago. Ooops. So we dashed out and got some Ep80w90 and changed them both. After all we have a long few weeks in front of us going to New York. You should see the map moving from tomorrow onwards we hope. We’ve not moved much recently.So Matilda is of finest form. Everything is checked and greased and oiled. No major problems at all. She’s a good girl but she gets looked after. She even has a few more storage places installed. We’ve been to Ikea and got some more plastic storage pots to hang on the dash. She’s also been washed and waxed. We’ve also been to the all you can eat Korean BBQ again. Stuffed to capacity we walked back to the garage. We drank Soju and felt ill. 10 plates of meat might be too much. There are loads of Korean restaurants here and we love Korean. The guy in the unit next to the garage is Korean, his name is Howard. He’s so nice he bought us lunch in the form of two Subway sandwiches. Thanks Howard!!! So not only do we get Neill and Josh’s hospitality we get their neighbours also. I might mention we now have flights home. Not telling you when though. Sometime in December…You can really see how clean Matilda is in the first photo !

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