Plan 9 From Outer Space

Spent all weekend thinking and planning. A few panic moments were had when I thought we would have even more trouble with the parts for the new Ambulance. As its based on the Military Wolf things are a little different than I’m used to and the main thing is the car is 24 volts where as a normal car is almost always 12 volts and this includes Matilda our trusty 300Tdi 110 Defender. The new 130 Defender Ambulance is 24v meaning parts are much more expensive for that side of things. Even the darn air filters are difficult to get as its got, you guessed it, a military one not the normal 300Tdi. However many hours of Google and its all becoming clear.We should have it (her) delivered within the next few days and we’ve even chosen a name. Henrietta or Hennie for short.This is a) Julies Great Grandmothers nameb) A South African Lady who looked after us with Des her husbandc) The name of all the Hedgehogs in our garden who come back every yeard) a story Julie loves. Henrietta Hedgehog.So there its done.

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