The Mechanic

A few productive days!We’ve been back to the Garage to have the transfer box looked at again so they took it out again…..the thing was leaking again. Looks like the O ring on the inter shaft was duff. It was meant to be a VERY good one but looks like it wasn’t. Anyhow its changed and it was all done for free. Wilson the box “fundi”  or expert was on hand to sort it out. The’re a nice bunch at Roverland.We managed to get somewhere to stay for 400rand a night near to restaurants and stuff so we can go out in the evening. The lady did us a good deal as its normally more expensive. Why can’t all hotels and B&Bs do that? Its either you stay empty of you make money with a discounted rate. I know what i’d rather have if I ran a B&B, someone staying and make some money. We also managed to get another fan for insode the car. This is our only means of keeping cool on those hot nights so we have got another. They arn’t cheap! They are designed for Yachts/Boats and have very efficient motors that arvery reliable. The one we have has been run for at least 100 nights for 10 hours. It hardly makes any impact on the car battery as it only takes 300mA. The new one is a little bigger and draws 550mA. These are the things I spend my days thinking about. Sad I know. The place in Cape Town is C-Dynamics for all your boating electrical needs. To an overlander this means all stuff we use in the cars like Gel batteries and LED lights and stuff. They were really helpful. The fn was an OK price considering. Cheaper than the UK but not a cheap as they are in ther USA. Worth it for a nights sleep though.We need to start making preparations for leaving. We need to decide what we are taking and get it packed. Once the car is in the container thats it, we are on our own. This is on the list for tomorrow. Thursday we go looking for a retal car to get us around once we load Matilda. Do we leave Dash in the container with Matilda for company. I think we should.

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