Falling Down

Today I very nearly went “postal” in true Falling Down style. Having got up late and decided to do the boat trip on the river at 3pm we went to the booking office and found out you need to pay Park Fees to just go on the boat. So it was more economical to do the park and boat all on the same day. No problem there. We decided to book so went off to the cash machine to get money. I can loosely call it a cash machine as after 40 odd minutes of queuing it stopped working whilst we were stood infront of it !!!! This on top of the distinctly Botswana way of letting every one push in willy nilly. One step forward and one step back….maybe two steps back in some cases. Giving up on the money we went to KFC for lunch to calm down. Another mistake. Another queue and another push in fest and more poor service. 15 minutes queue there. Back to the cash machine and another 15 mins queue to get 1000Pula. Back to Spar to get some shopping and at least 10 minutes queuing there. Gave up on life and went back to the car and campsite. I washed and waxed Matilda. She’s clean till tomorrow at least.75 minutes queuing in total. No over estimates and in fact probably under. 55 mins in the same ATM queue alone !!!!Later we went to another supermarket to get a cold can which i needed and we queued for about 10 minutes with one person pushing in. The cashier didn’t let him and sent him packing. Finally a bit of normallity but still 10 minutes of my life for a single can of coke.So if I lived here I may buy an AK47 and kill someone or alot of people. This place is off the list of places to retire. 2 million residents and they are all queuing all the time. They move at 3 miles per hour no matter how long you’ve waited. Do they care. No.If anyone says this is Africa I will shoot them first. Theres no excuse for a bit of manners and customer service. You wait your bloody turn no matter what country you are in. Especially when I’ve been waiting 40 ffing minutes for cash !!!!Not a good day……I should also mention the slowest Interent since Ethiopia and this post has taken over an hour ro get up on the site. <10kbps anyone……we had faster modems than this in 1986.

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