Mad Max Beyond Botswana Not Starring Mel Gibson Or Tina Turner

So we arrived at Namibia which for the film buffs in the house is where they are filming Max Max. Not sure who’s in this one but it might be us if the recent Mission Impossible was any indication. A passing Land Rover was put in the film because it fitted the movie. So if we drive past some film set Matilda might just be star spotted by some director. Julie tells me the stars include Charlize Theron who seems to be in a lot of these Action/SciFi movies now. If the recent Alien film is anything to go by i mean…..and I enjoyed that. What she learns from reading Grazia South Africa….who knew. Some photos from our camping and Chobe Safari’s…Not sure anything we do is Safari but we’re in Africa as we keep being told. I’ve saved a bullet for Mike in my new AK47 for pointing this out yet again. Yes it was payday for the entire army base nearby and the whole town. 55 bloody minutes…….My stress levels are meant to be lower on this trip and my first proper Migraine for many years prove otherwise. The lack of alcohol my be a factor so we bought some more Vodka and Tab. For those that remember M J Fox and Back to the Future (and his “life preserver”) this is Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Julie tells me they used to sell it in the UK but I only just remember it. If i remember it was clear and this is Coke coloured. We also have RSA wine. Photos. Note the Kingfisher….Some are Julies (Kingfisher) and some are mine.  

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