No its not been raining here. Hope all you lot in the UK are staying dry. We’ve not seen rain much on this trip. In fact we have had about 7 instances of rain in the entire 9 months so we can hardly remember what its like. Anyhow…The Map has been updated so you can see where we are with a new feature. Thanks to our Guru of web design we have some new features so go to the Map page and see for yourself. THANKS BART !!!! (Bart does all the complicated stuff for me) all I do is make the content worth reading.Waterworld in all its glory features a map on the back of a little girl so since we have a new one the title seemed fitting. Our little girl, Malitda has a new map !We’ve been having trouble with MTC Mobile in Namibia. They have a fault and it seems like we are experiencing it. The coverage is good but we can’t get onto the internet for more than a few miliseconds at a time. We had about a hour of Internet last night and this was well timed as my mother sent me 20 or so scanned documents I need to do some Admin. This is the first time we’e got on today so hopefully this uploads OK.

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