Failure To Launch

We’ve been let down a bit by the gearbox people and even though they got me a box though the repair bench early they failed to get the delivery arranged so its being collected today (Tuesday). It seems though it might not be here till Wednesday next week. They say it “might” be Monday. Monday I can live with as long as customs do thier bit. If its Wednesday we are are completely screwed unless, customs do their bit and they can finish it (installed) on Friday. Thursday is Thanksgiving ! The biggest holiday in the USA. So Wednesday gives us one day to get in installed. They are closed Sat and Sun. We are hoping it arrives Monday (early) and we can get it to the shop Tuesday for fitting maybe running into Wednesday.If the box is delayed we will need to spend even more money. Money we cannot afford. We will need to rent a car, one way to New York. This also means Hotels. Lots of Hotels. These are easily $70 a night over here. The car on one way is also a fortune. You can get one week normal rental for the same as one day on one way drop off….!!!!We at least know its booked on a flight here this Thursday for arrival Thursday. This means they have Friday, Sat and Sun to get it to Indianapolis for us to pick it up at the airport, maybe Monday. Fingers Crossed ! (customs is going to be the problem)

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