The Clearing

An update….The box has moved a bit and we’ve found out we might be able to clear the customs ourselves without using a broker. Saving a grand sum of $201usd. We will still need to pay a $9usd fee and the duty at 2.5%We need to wait for some paperwork and then we need to figure out how we get it from Indianapolis and get it to Columbus, IN. This may involve renting a car and collecting the box and taking it to Columbus and staying in a hotel. When all is done taking Matilda and the rental car back to Greenville to make a break for Newark. At least that’s the plan. At the moment.The guys a DHL have been helpful and having spent the entire day on the phone we’ve even spoken to customs in Indianapolis who also seem very helpful. It all rests on the Invoice having my name on it, which it does (almost). So if the customs are being as helpful as today then we should be able to clear it.The box should be in USA tomorrow but not in Indiana.I’ve agreed a fixed price with the garage and they’ve started taking the car apart in afvance so we get a head start.

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