Gears Of War

Little has happened since the previous update. We have now been told we need a broker to clear the box through customs. The duty according to the web is 2.5% which is nothing. However we know the couriers add on mucho $$ if they process this so we need to find a way of minimising that.We need to let the garage know whats happening tomorrow and then figure out how we get to the airport and where we stay for the few nights we may be in Columbus, Indiana. Hotels are not cheap. I doubt we can sleep in the garage.Did you know that DHL express have fancy call centres and DHL Global Freight do not….we do. That took an hour on the phone to get to the right person.Jim, if only it were Friday delivery…..i’d get some sleep rather than have to wake at 4am to call England at 9am. Then get up every hour after that to check Emails to see if everything is moving along.

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