Panic Room

So we are back in Cape Town at the camp site where we’ve stayed quite a few nights already. Problem is we lose the car next Friday. What do we do then? The current idea is rent an apartment for nearly a week. Actually its only four nights thinking about it. Then when we get to Argentina we need to do the same….In Spanish ! Julie took spanish lessons before we left. Lets see what she remembers. We also need to rent a car here which is no big problem to the budget however the accomodation, it seems, may be….The backpacker places are more than a hotel. What are they thinking? I’m sure we can get a flat for ~300rand…it doesn’t have to be pretty. 400 at a push…..We’ve not taken any photos recently as we are, to be honest, sick of South Africa and want to leave. Its not that we don’t enjoy it here and all the people we have met but its just that we’ve been here TOO LONG ! Arn’t we meant to be travelling? I bet you’re getting bored of the blog too. You want to see some South American scenery and stuff. Well me to !A lot of updates on the shipping with photos of loading the car we hope and info on prices and who we used will come later. I will try to make a page just dedicated to shipping so you can use our experience as a guide in case you are foolish enough to attempt the same.

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