So there we were…..surrounded. Six of them…..we were in trouble….They pulled up in there car and lept out…..We’d only just woken and I was still half asleep. We were sleeping in a petrol station….oh golly…..But we wern’t that worried as they are Jehovah Witnesses. I got my copy of Awake in English and turned down Watchtower. Strangely its mostly about Immigration so someone must have known I was getting it….Apologies we cannot remember all their names. I can’t remember any as I rely on Julie for that ! All of them are German (I think) or most of them are German. Anyhow we had a long chat and got moving on the terrible road to the Bolivian border. We enjoyed Paraguay for the few days we were there. People were nice and the Bolivian’s are heading in the same direction. We had lunch in a street cafe today and everything is fine so far with everyone we met. There are way to many check points near the border though. We missed The Bolivian Customs and had to go back 8km….no big problem. Second time we missed the gate so to speak on the trip. There might be more. We also met some English Backpackers in town looking for a cash machine. Its not working due to “communications error”, we tried it but don’t thing they found it on foot.
Tonight we are staying in a Hotel….After I repaired the shower as it was just catching fire due to wiring (as always). A reader of the blog will understand this as he got electrocuted. We had a shower after I crimped the wiring. Julie stood by the switch as always (after the advice from the electrocuted traveller).  I cut my hair and had a shave. We charged the drill batteries finally !!!!! Bolivia is 240v thankfully.Matilda has a new clunk and it maybe brakes. We shall see when we get to the long descent on the road of death….fingers crossed…..(Mother is now worried and maybe father too)…I have faith in my mechanical skills otherwise i’d not have set off. Don’t worry. The tarmac road…..Hair by a Guy called Neill….Wahl clippers at 240volts….Warp 9The Gringo Mstash…..not allowed….Photos…Julie.

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