they’ve nicked £2500 from my account and wont give it back. This means we can’t get our US Dollars. So we can’t go ! Thanks a bunch Santander for being so very inflexible when releasing our funds back to us even after 4 hours,,,yes 4 hours !!!! on the phone to them.The more than my job worth attitude in full effect. At least i got to speak to 10% of Santander call centre staff and found one (only one) that actully tried to resolve the issue. The others were useless.UPDATEthe afore mentioned person seems to have sorted it out……..Thanks to Terry.UPDATE2went to get my dollars and they had cancelled my card as part of the above problem. Took 1 hour and 15 mins more on the phone to sort that out. Finally they admitted it was their issue after blaming Travelex (who have been superb). For my trouble today £105 compensation (as you can imagine by the compensation it was a lot of trouble)….a good result really but i’d rather have wasted my time today doing something i needed to do rather that getting very wound up with the bank. I had my first migraine for about 8 years the other day. This isn’t helping ! I don’t need the £105, can i have my day back please ?

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