500 Mph Storm

Our 500th day passed and we’re leaving Brasil for the final time. We’ve met some nice people here of the last few days. It must be the area. They’ve looked after us well and we’ve had a party. Thanks to the Bikers Hostel in Iguacu we are ready for the next part of our trip. Did I mention we went to the dam…Very loud and pretty big. They say its the biggest in the world….The China High Dam begs to differ.We even got to go in to see the spinning whatsit…..VERY LOUD !!!We are now in Paraguay and it was the longest border exit from Brasil ever. 2 hours or more. The lady was busy. She did apologise in English so we will let them off. Paraguay was difficult. You need to go up the hill to the right of the border gates. Go immediately through and hang a right up to the car park then into the office block. We were guided by a young lad tasked to get us to the correct office and they wanted to see the Brasil exit paperwork! Mcdonalds Wi-Fi…..

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