Tim And Kims Village

On the face of it this is a calm sanctuary in a country where such things are rare. On the other face its a place where the owners don’t seem to want to be any longer. They moan more than I do about everything…how hard it is to get this an that and how things aren’t going to plan. They have cold showers in a place with almost unlimited sunshine allowing the use of the generic evacuated tube hot water system. The problem is they say people taking hot water showers use too much water. This is because they can’t sort out the electrical supply so can only get so much water into their tanks each day. They even moan about the beer bottles not being returned! Anyhow enough of this,,,this is a Trip Advisor review in draft. Its a lovely place….shame about the owners. The facilities are clean and new and its certainly a 4 star rating. Its a shame they cannot go that extra mile to make it outstanding. The food was expencive but plentyfull but the selection was limited to one dish each night. Again this is due to local availabilty as they have no freezer because of the power needs. There were no snacks and this made a camper completely reliant on the dinner times. this could be sorted out easily in my eyes. To Tim and Kim this was an monumental problem that was too difficult to solve ! They should quit and leave the place to those that can and have the will power to do.

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