Copsbent Ones

So here he is. The little ffing copper (quite literally little) who decided to take my passport (copy) and license (fake) off to his little world for some reason.Actually I think the “reason” was we’d misunderstood their limp wrist attempt to wave us down. Now we all now what a stop hand signal is. Its a raised flat palm shown to you. No mistaking that. This was more of a hand wiggle down by his waste. By the time they realized I wasn’t stopping and decided to make some more frantic gestures I’d overshot them. More likely by the time they’d realized I was a good target for money/entertainment, anyhow I’d gone 30 meters past them as I was traveling at 80kmph. So he had to walk to our car. He decided we must get out,,,that’s a first for us! He wanted the passport to which I said “no you’re not immigration, you can have my license you are transito”. It turns out the proper immigration and aduanas (customs) was 30km down the road and they were given the proper documents as they should be. Anyhow, we give him a copy of the passports and a fake license and he just walked off and started typing something on his phone. He could have been playing Angry Birds for all I knew. When I went up to him a few minutes later he was still fiddling with the phone. He completely ignore me. He didn’t even look up when I asked him what he was doing. At that point I lost it and said “you can keep them, we VAMOS!” so I walked back to the car got in and drove off. Normally they stay near the car and right at the window. This guy had been video’d before I’m sure so he stayed well clear. I got the full audio and some video of the entire thing so if the Police Transito Panama ( want to find this post and investigate what this little shit was up to I’d be very happy. I wish they had an email to send it to.

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