Gondor Moment

We are sleeping in Gondor and again outside Hennings hotel. We’ve paid the security guard 50Birr to look after the car. This is a lot of money for here so he will do a good job. He’s offered to let us part in the back of the hotel but its too late to be messing around. We might do it tomorrow. Theres a Petrol shortage here and Henning has only just managed to get some and might not get any more if he goes to the national park in the north so he’s not going to risk it. On the other hand Diesel is fine so we are going to go North toward Eritrea (but not into there!) By all accounts the Petrol shortage is every year at this time due to “cleaning the refinery in Sudan” so they run out. No planning in Africa. We’ve also found aut that 50 cars have just driven from Egypt to Sudan and this may or maynot be true. They didn’t use the ferry as we had to. If they did this might be a very good thing for overlanding in Africa.

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