Simien National Park

The views in Simien National park are stunning. The wildlife is friendly and allows you to get quite close as you can see from the photos where Henning is stalking the baboons. The road up to the park was a challenge. The altitude combined with the steep climbs made Matilda belch black unburnt diesel and the transfer box was getting hot. Luckily the altitude made it cooler so the box didn’t get too hot and that was reserved for the trip back from Lalibela yesterday. I need to get myself a cooler in South Africa. On the other hand we’ve grown so used to the temperature we now wear our jackets at 20C and even 25C. Are we becoming true Africans as this is certainly not a European habit. We were really cold in simien as it got down to below 5C and how the scout coped sleeping outside i will never know. He’s made of better stuff than me…maybe his AK47 had a heater. It had a serial number, I checked.

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