We’ve had our first SAT phone message from someone who saw us on the road in Uruguay. Thanks for the message…your a pioneer…Send us more in an Email. Are you English etc.? Its sounded like you were.We’ve assisted in another rescue. More on that later.We have had more photos take of the car whilst driving in Brasil than you can imagine. Everyone seems to slow to take photos. We try to help sometimes by matching the speed but sometimes its too dangerous. Some Brasillian drivers need driving lessons and education in the art of giving way. Rather than speed into the gap I’m about to pull into they could just let me in ! I though some other countries were bad….this is the worse out of more than 20. So if you’re reading Mr. Average Brasil….you’re the worst drivers in the WORLD so far !!!! Even worse than taxis in Egypt !We are both truely knackered from driving so far. Tomorrow we will be near Rio. We hopefully arrive Saturday in time for Sundays event.Wi-Fi is hard to get here so far…..we are lucky we’ve hi-jacked this uplink for the phone company. Someone set the security wrong…..

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