Jason And The Arguments

We left Mombasa and carried on back to Voi to go to Taveta to cross into Tanzania. We stopped at the same Total Petrol station to get lunch and ditch all the Kenyan money on fuel. Its cheaper here than Tanzania.At the border the Kenyan side was easy. The Tanzania guys wanted me to pay again for the vehicle tax. Something i’d already paid last time and its valid for a month. They put up a strong fight but in the end they caved-in and we got through by paying the fuel levy only ($5). We’d asked at two separate borders last time if we needed to pay the vehicle tax when we came back in and both said “no, do not pay it you have paid it for a month” So when this one border insisted, i stood my ground. Two beats one in my book. We shall check another border (4th one) when we leave as either the first two borders were wrong or the third was. I want to know. It was $20usd saved. If we stay past the 16th we need to pay it again however.We stayed outside a bar last night and they put the music on again at 8am this morning. We had a cool nights sleep.Today we passed Kilimanjaro. Not much cloud. See Pictures.

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