Men In Black

OK so its not quite Men in Black but I couldn’t be bothered to think of something better.A trip to the state park in Wilmington and a trip to the shop where you pay for camping. The gate said they close the campsite at 6pm….true. So it was no good for us as we wanted to go out for dinner after working on the car. To be more accurate, working on the difflock that wasn’t set correctly when they did the gearbox swap. Not entirely their fault but considering they’d lost two bits of plastic and missed off the pivot support, i’m saying its was mostly their fault. I got new in the UK when we came home. I’d got enough parts to fix it. I also noticed that two (out of three) bolts holding the exhaust to the manifold were missing. Fallen off ??? These were done in El Salvador by the garage there. Why do mechanics never use thread lock !!!!I managed to negotiate free use of the campsite (as a garage) as there was nobody there. Actually there was one person breaving the spring camping. We’d been to Lowes and got me some over-alls. If Gayle is reading this she will know why. I’ve also got some stain devils to get out the grease from last time. We also got permission to use their showers. I had a long one.We’ve got some tin foil insulation for the back of the car. Its the same type we have in the roof and the same type the window sun shades are made of. It works really well so we will do the inside of the rear windows. Pictures later when its finished. This will go with the new curtains we got in the UK. Actually the ones Mum made, for the second time. The old ones are wearing out. We really need to wash the misquito net but thats a big job removing it

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