Bedknobs And Broomsticks

Another day on the beach so to speak although we’ve not actually seen the beach at all. We spent another day in the campsite squatting (not paying) in their carpark doing stuff on the car. The inside of Matilda is a bit grubby so she’s had some insulation fitted to the cold windows and some new curtains. Mother made them for the second time and exactly like the first set so we look all clean in the back. I removed the mosquito net from the inside of rear windows and removed half the Sahara from behind them. New Velcro and fixings to hold it all in place although the mosquito screen isn’t going back. Its held up really well considering its held on by VHB Tape. Quite a bit of Matilda is held by this wonderful invention. Number Plates, GPS mounts, Shelfs etc….
We’re not sure but we might have a weak front left spring. Need to unload the car and find a level car park to see. Its only 1cm or so, Its probably just loading. It could easily be an empty diesel tank ! Today is check all the wheel bearings day so that should be fun…..back to the guy in the white suit. Isn’t he called The Stig ?

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