Big 5 nope big 3 Yes I Got The Horn

So today I saw the White Rhino. Unlikely I will see a Black Rhino as there’s only 300 of them in the whole park. The 12 we could have seen in the other park in Lilownde were out of reach as they wouldn’t let us into the Rhino area. So we’ll have to stick with the Big 3 unless we see some cats tomorrow. We’re piggy-backing off some nice South Africans tonight as the camp is full. Actually not full at all but I’ve explained this already. We paid 44 rand less than it actually cost to camp by piggy-backing so I got them a bottle of wine. Thanks to Nico and Esceline for letting us piggy-back (I hope I’ve spelt their names correctly). The Hyena is carrying a leg of prime free range game…..not sure what it was but it looked “tasty”…..there’s a young (maturing) lady in our life that has a trade mark on the word “tasty”…..she will know who she is. Father may also know. Julies just explained they don’t put the sightings on Rhino on the “seen it” board as the poachers may also be watching. Seems like there’s a BIG trade in horn over here. Its a little like Amsterdam.

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