Sink Hole…

The movie with 3.0 out of 10 on IMDb….anyhow.

We went to the sinkhole (Bimmah Sink Hole) not even knowing what it was like and I went to the gates to ask the guy whether it was free, which it was. There was no way I was paying to go into a hole in the ground.

The guy on the gate said “are you going swimming” and at that point I thought yeah! we need to shower so that would be a good idea. So we both got into our swimming costumes and went down into the big hole and jumped in the water. Only when I put my head under did I realise it was saltier than the sea so not only did we get a wash we actually needed a wash to get rid of the salt. This came in the form of using the bum gun in the toilets. The toilets were of course very good.

That was a rather nice park at the top around the sinkhole, well looked after. The guy that we talked to on the gate and got a donation of a very dirty old Land Rover t-shirt which he was quite pleased with but I did point out to him that I needed washing at least twice as it had been in our wash bag for over a week. Rather stinky.

Bimmah Sink Hole
Salty Sink Hole

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