35 Out Of 5

We heard the Leopard but didn’t see it….oh well but it think it counts as a half. Theres people talking (bragging) in the kitchen of the Cheetah they saw! Just annoying. Again we are piggybacking. Thanks to some nice South Africans. We’d book in for real if they OAPs hadn’t booked the entire park for all of May as its 40% off for them. It might get better next month (tomorrow). These are the same people that get the wild card for 560 Rand and we have to pay 2200 Rand. In fact all South Africans get it at that price not only the OAPs. I though this place didn’t discriminate, only against tourists!Considering this park is meant to be one of the best, if not the best for sightings, we’re not seeing much. Lots of Elephants which reminded me of 1991 when there were hardly any (Kenya Tsavo East) and i bought a tea shirt that had “Vanishing Herds” plastered on the front. Well times certainly change. There are now many thousands of Elephants in Kruger and all the parks in general. We saw 22 yesterday on two groups not a kilometer apart and even the 10,000 or so they have here are not seen much as the roads are just too far apart with huge “county size” parts you can’t get anywhere near. The other parks we’ve been into and its not many, have way more roads to travel along so you can get off the beaten track so to speak. A lot of the roads here are tarmac and they are also still suffering from the January Floods which washed a lot of stuff away so quite a few gravel tracks we wanted to do today were still closed. Some of the large bridges are still closed and the raillings are not yet finished. We have a photo below to illustrate.

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