Gone In 60 Seconds

A good few nights wild camping and driving quite quickly we stayed one night in a rather expensive campsite in Hotel Huanchaco Gardens Hotel. It was OK. I’ve posted some photos. For the price is could have been better but it was quiet so probably worth it. I might not have mentioned the attempted robbery in Puno in Peru. Well We’ve noticed what he dried to do. Take a look at the block lock off the door. He never managed to get it off of course but there you have it. Daylight and we saw him do it. So did that little girl. Now I remember I mentioned it at the time.We’ve caught up with Henning again and he’s of course staying in a hotel with a car park suitable for overlanders except they won’t let us park and camp without paying for a room. We’re parked outside another hotel that has security and and “evening guy” with a big stick who charges $3USD to look after the car. The area is party central so unluckily Henning’s Hotel is on one of the noisy roads and ours not so much. They were out partying until 4:30am though. When we got up this morning there was a guy passed out just behind the car and he was motionless. He may have been dead but he wasn’t there later so maybe they cam and collected the body. We did get at least three “door tries” and “shovel lock wiggles”. At one point I shouted “leave it !!!” at the top of my voice to scare them off. It was probably just drunk people but you never know. Its not the first time. The other day a policeman at a check point decided to try and open the back door whilst we were talking to his buddy. Tomorrow, Julies birthday…..we stay with Rusty and Laura in there home in Quito. We met online and they invited us to stay. Its also Rusty’s Birthday and he’s 40…..We seem to have a habit of doing spectacular things on Julies Birthday. However this time she’s only 41 so its not like its anything special like last year. Can you remember what we did last year on the day ? I certainly can. I drove a very long way to sleep in a church yard ! Happy Birthday Julie….No i didn’t eat the guinea-pig….The driving here is markedly better than most South America countries however they still have little regard for any rules. They do seem to actually stop at red lights however. Cones on the other hand are meant to be flattened.The Fuel here, Henning warned us, was really expensive. It was some $2USD per liter. He forgot its per GALLON and for diesel its $1.03 for 3.79 liters. So about 25c per liter or 18p UK. Now how can that be ? Could it be the extraordinary amount of tax we pay on everything amounting to some 70 or 80% of everything we earn going on tax. Well for some readers at least. We are no longer UK tax payers.

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