Total Recall

Yes it was the same film. Worth a watch, not really.  So today we went shopping and also to see a film. What we watched is a remake of the Arnie fest with the popping eyes. Would it have been better in 3D, almost certainly. I can also say that Ster Kinekor, a theater operator in SA, is rubbish. Nu Metro, another operator, have better prices, better food and much better screens and sound. Tomorrow we are back on the road again having spent enough time stationary in Cape Town. We’re not sure where we are off to but it may only be to Gordons Bay. We might get a bit further. Lets see what the weather is like. Des says its going to rain! After the stunning weekend I hope not. Note to self….We still need to go up Table Mountain.We’re still staying at Millers Point in the hardest place to stay in Africa. Just turn up here and you will see what I mean. The most convoluted, complicated and drawn out booking process in the world. You can’t pay here, you need to go to the post office and pay !!! or a supermarket ??? If you turn up late then just go somewhere else. If it wern’t for the locals staying here the other night we wouldn’t have got in. We piggy backed on their booking as after about 4pm you can’t possibly get the reams of paperwork done and paid for including travelling to the supermarket to pay. You could go to the next big town and book in but thats also probably closed. Since I don’t really understand how you book into the campsite we let the sunday manager go into  town a pay for us. This still took two phone calls from him to get all my details. I expected him to ask for my blood group at any second. Campsite is good but booking in is almost impossible and just try to get past the guard on the gate even after you’ve paid !!!

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