Cape Fear

They thought we’d never leave…….Almost a week of madness and generosity staying at Des and Hennie’s. We’ve got a refurbished transfer box with a new sleeved Intermediate shaft. I know the Land Rover fans reading this will be jealous! Its a really nice job. The box is re-shimmed and set up although I’m not really happy with the way they did the centre diff as its too tight in my mind. They used double planet gear shims as the Sun gear shims are not made thick enough. The thickest isn’t nearly thick enough so double shimming the planets was the only way. Its settling in but we shall see. The sleeve is perfect and a new “CAT” yellow o-ring fitted made from some marvellous rubber or something.Des and Hennie looked after us very well and Des’s 110 (and the VW) now knows its way to Roverland garage having taken us there many many times. Thanks Des !!!! Hennie’s cooked, washed and kept me in food and beverage for the stay and garage hours. Thanks Hennie!!!! They looked after us so well we are thinking of adoption. We took over the spare room and the garage and they almost stopped everything to look after us both. We’re both so greatful. We stayed a lot longer than we should have! THANK YOU.I changed the timing belt and rebuilt the rear hub again with a new bearing as something must be making it come loose.I spent way too much…..The box cost 4300 rand (13r to the pound). We’re broke.We’re thinking of flying home soon so watch this space for info. We’ve got a few more things to do down here but should be home soon. Not sure when. Hennings been in contact as we are sharing a container to  South America….I forgot to say the sleeping bags have been washed and they are great. Almost perfect washing and much cleaner than the last time we had them washed. Dirt from 26 years of use has gone. When I say 26 years of use some of the dirt on them is probably that old. Thanks to First Ascent and the 222rand each they charge it was an OK price.  Photos of the box…Spot the sleeve on the Intermediate Shaft…..Jealous???ps the ref to “Room with a View” in the previous post is in the photo from Des and Hennie’s porch.BTW The Dog is Donna and the Land Rover is Des’s and they’ve only done 35,000km in 3 years ! He and she (x2) really need to get out more !!! 

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