One Direction

Tonight we met a nice family from Chillan with a problem with their car. I could not help as it looked to me like the water pump had broken. Anyhow Julie used the meeting to get extra lessons in Spanish!Matias (18), Constanza (15), Chistopher (12) and the Cabrera family were stuck at the Copec services station where we are sleeping. Their father did his best to get them moving and they left eventually under “reduced power”. The car loosing water and not sounding like it should. Good luck to them, Mum and Dad doing their best to get the “show on the road”…We really enjoyed meeting them and Julie learnt more Spanish talking to them than she did in six months at college.Constanza loves One Direction and particularly Harry….unfortunately we only know of Louis as he’s from Doncaster,,,, so we can’t set up a date….even though he went to the same school as our entire family….Hope they all get home safely…..No tick in the box for international rescue :-(We also watched some keys locked in the car….The car being opened by a screwdriver, pliars and a branch….took them no time at all. I didn’t help on that one either.

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