The Hand That Rocks

Today we went to see the Cradle of Humankind. My opinion…it was OK. The ride, if you can call it that at the start is basically a pointless water ride through a tunnel meant to symbolise the travel back in time to millions of years ago. This is before you go into the interactive museum. The water ride is pointless and not very good to be honest. The 125 Rand paid for the museum would be half if they hadn’t bothered building it eye suspect. The museum was good especially for kids of a certain age willing to learn a bit about things. So about 40 years old is the best age to come. I did learn a few things but these will be forgotten after the next few glasses of wine. If you have the money visit and if you think its expensive give it a miss and do something else.We also sat in the Joburg traffic for a bit of today having gone to Sandton Mall. “Why did we bother” eye hear you ask. Well it was a handbag hunt for Julie. Even though she’s forbidden from buying one on the trip unless we are on our way home! We went to look to see it they have “it”, and they don’t. So the budget is saved for this month…..actually year. The bags are expensive. I could get a new transfer box with the same money…..not recon!(*you may have noticed the odd eye instead if i….this is for my mothers benefit as she doesn’t like i and only I. So “i” will use my eye now instead to check there arn’t any more i’s and only I’s)

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