Thanks to Alett and Kobus for their lodgings for nearly a week we are fed, watered and repaired. Matilda wasn’t really broken but now has a brand new 80Watt Solar Panel fitted under the roofrack that can slide out at a moments notice (hopefully always intentionally). Delivering over 4amps of power for sunny days in campsites with no power. I also spilt some oil into the gearbox and on their driveway. Anyhow….Both of our hosts looked after us very well and after the first night and a drinking session to rival that of our teenage years we setted down to a bottle a night….each. Maybe a bit more than that, thinking about it. Kobus’ wine cellar was depleated and although we replaced the odd bottle I’m sure we cost a small fortune in wine let alone food. We had some excellent food to go with all that wine and both daughter (Collett) and Son-In-Law (Jan-Hendrik) we drafted in to help support out massive wine and food consumption. When i say ours, I really mean me. Mother is correct with the comment on the post below. I do eat quite a bit given the opportunity. Thanks too all. Really !I’m actually supprised Alett didn’t hide their noisy Parrot somewhere in the car to get rid of it……Alett and the Parrot don’t get on. It seems its best friend is Kobus and Alexander their Grandson.We’ve left Joburg for a trip up north to Botswana and Namibia and then will return to SA later on when its a bit warmer in the west for the trip to Cape Town. We’ve spoken today to another set of freinds from Cape Town area and we are planning on visiting with them when we are back. There are so many great South African people around. An example of this is i met a lady in the Land Rover parts shop for all of 30 seconds and she invited me for supper at ther place. Now it might help that I’m gorgeous and unique in every way and also we both drove Land Rover Defenders but i really think its nothing to do with me at all. Maybe its the trip and maybe its the Land Rover but mainly its the welcoming South Africans.Some photos of the construction for your delight…I’m sure someone might want to ask a question or two about how we did it. Well ask away.Also we’ve noticed that lots of South Africans are looking at the web site. We have about 10% more traffic now. They are being very quiet though on the comments. Its not only for my mother and father you know ! If you want to know more about a certain aspect of the trip i will try to answer you directly, in the blog or indeed by updating the specific sections on the site. 

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