Tales of Meeting and Parting…

We arranged to meet one of the members from the Overlanding Association WhatsApp group. You may not even know that the Overlanding Association is pretty much half my fault. But that’s another story all together. We run 35 or so Facebook groups and a few regional WhatsApp groups for travellers and overlanders. I’ll post a list of FB groups in this post at the bottom.


Anyhow we arranged to meet another traveller in her land rover. Anna has a roll cage and a pop roof. You might wonder how that’s done? The roll cage has removable bolts and connectors. Amazing. Not seen that before. As she’s travelling solo she very often sleeps inside which is exactly how I’d do it. Longer stays, up goes the roof. Inside was pretty typical and laid out as you’d imagine. I’m not invading someone’s home for you guys….no photos of that.

Paul, another group member on a motorbike gave us a mosquito net he no longer needed. Anna mentioned she was after one. Perfect as we’d only had it a few days. So that’s donated. Thanks Paul, Anna was well chuffed.

Anna being Chuffed. Thanks Paul

Anna’s Instagram


Nice example of a Defender.

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