Iron Man

We are staying in the Club Germania in Lima and its pretty damn OK. For free we have a flat car park , security, a Cafe and the best showers since Eldoret Africa. If we want to use the pool and tennis courts there’s no problem. So if you are reading this Oberland Hotel, La Paz. They are FREE and their facilities are better !!!! The Wi-Fi is fast and they make money off us using the cafe and restaurant. Rather like we did in Oberland except we also paid to camp on the (not flat) car park. I’m having a bit of a downer on Oberland but after all it was expensive for what we got and although they sorted out the problems with our bill, we still had the problems in the first place! This place is not a campsite at all and we are lucky they let us vagabonds stay here…maybe they should charge. I would happily pay something….(I must be ill)bringing me neatly on to…..My sea food did stay eaten but some mystery illness came along a knocked me for six for just over 24hours. I had the same symptoms I did with the last bout of “dehli-belly” but not the rear trouble that normally comes with bad food. I was just knackered and had a high temperature. I had shivers and was feeling just shit. Its taken a few days to disappear completely but now I’m about 98%. Good enough to go to the Korean Restaurant up the road tonight we think.Today we had the oil changed in the gearbox. A problem as they only have the older specification for lube here and not the recommended stuff. So far it seems OK and only time will tell if it lasts a long. The old stuff looked like new when it was removed. Would it have lasted another 10,000miles….maybe.The only big think worrying me at the moment is the rear drive flanges. They are wearing and I have no spares. The half-shafts are also showing signs of wear. We might be doing a bodge job in Ecuador with the aid of our internet friends who will hopefully be staying with. More on that later.Henning’s been stopped again but the Police. He’s not having much fun. I’m sure his web site will tell the tail soon enough. Go to oneworldonejourney to follow his travels and brushes with the law on every continent.Kiwipanamerica are also having fun in the jungle and helping out stranded truckers…..they must be trying to catch up to my rescue record…..Their facebook page is were its all at although I did my best at embarrassing them into updating their proper blog.Oh…and since we are in Lima we’ve been to see Iron Man 3 and the new Star Trek……fantastic in 3D…..and the new Star Trek is better than Iron Man although I’m not so sure about Dolby Digital 3D…..

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