The Beachpart 2

As I`ve said before we hate the beach….Paracas was OK. Pisco is crap. So there you have it. For the first time in ages were are in an internet cafe doing internet stuff. So no photos as I don`t plug my stick in just any old hole. Last time I did, in vietnam I got a dose of something unmentionable.As Dad rightly pointed out Julie was and is still knackered. She`s walking like Dad was when he climbed a fence he shouldn`t have and broke his leg…..Julie needs your crutches….Hobbling around like an 80 year old….not that Dad is 80 but having a zimmer makes you look like you are. I`m sure you went a bit more grey when using it….We ate sea food yesterday. Hopefully it stays eaten.Did I mention we saw the Nasca lines. Not really as big as I imagined. for 50p to go up the tower It wasn`t a bad 5 min stop off. We didn`t want to do the plane ride… can google the lines.We saw 8 and 9 here from the viewing tower.

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