Free Machu Picchu, Peru photo

The Riddle

The problem with Machu Picchu is its a clear as mud how to get there and what stuff costs. So….Drive to Santa Theresa and camp in the little campsite. Camping is 5 SOL but they do have some rooms for the same price. Location on our MAP.The next day in the afternoon get a Taxi from Santa Theresa to Hydro Electrica for 5 to 10 Sol each. The campsite will arrange one. Leave your car at the campsite. Its safe !Once at Hydro Electrica you can either catch the train (around 3pm) from Hydro Electrica to Aqua Calientes for 18 USD or walk the 2 hours up the train line to Aqua Calientes. You are better walking in the afternoon and getting a hostel in Aqua Calientes for 40 SOL overnight. Don’t try to do it all in a day !!!That evening go to the ticket office and get a ticket for Machi Picchu for the next day. The hostel will tell you where it is. These are 128 SOL each. In the morning you can either walk up the path to Machu Picchu or catch the bus. The bus is 9.50USD single or 18USD return, you’ll see the ticket office on your way into town. I’d catch to bus as you have to walk back to Hydro Electrica in the same day. In the morning go up to Machu Picchu and see the sights. If you want to go up the big mountain to get the views this takes 3 hours, about 1.5 up and 1 hours down. Its costs a bit more to get the combo ticket for the mountain and Machu Picchu. You have to start climbing before 11am. The views are great. This is not the smaller hill with limited tickets but the bigger one with better views. Once you’ve done the mountain and Machu catch the bus down and get off at the bridge. Just shout at the drive to stop when you get to the river. Walk back along the train line to Hydro and catch any waiting taxi or bus back to Santa Theresa to the campsite. So If you do the walking thing you pay for the campsite, hostel, entry ticket and bus. There’s also the fuel to get the Santa Theresa. The road is OK. Travel light, its a long walk. There are places to get drink and food along the rail line at about half way.

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