Mass Extinction

Here we are still on “Holiday” in the UK for Christmas. Seen all the family and some of the friends. The friends we have not yet seen will be seen before we leave. We’ve got a suitcase with an exhaust pipe in it. Yes, you got that correctly. We’ve cut it up into two halfs and its been retrofitted with a coupler so I can connect it together without welding it. I am an Engineer you know….albeit a network engineer…..We didn’t get time due to laptop problem to say Merry Christmas to all the Americas contacts. So sorry about that. You might get something later !We’ve put on a bit of weight over Christmas. Mainly, we think, due to alcohol. Maybe its food. Maybe its religion. We’ve had a few messages back from my Christmas Email and even one back from a guy we me in Ethiopia back in Jan 2012. He’s mentioned us in his book !

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