Picque Macho Or Machu Picchu

I know which I’d rather have…..can you guess….one of them is so cheap and they other not so much. After one of them you feel full and the other your wallet is empty….After leaving La Paz we stopped in Copacabana and camped in the beach. Henning stayed in the most expensive hotel  in town as always. He actually found us for the fist time ever. Normally we stalk Henning not the other way around. The beach was littered with backpackers and overlanders and we ate Trout from Lake Titicaca from a beach front cafe. We watched the sun go down. Nothing compaired to Lake Malawi Sunsets as I’m sure you will agree. (to look at the posts and photos for Malawi use the tick box at the right).We did manage to use the loo in Hennings Hotel on two occasions though ! Nothing strange there….The rip off for us was the little lake crossing on the barge. Henning paid nothing and we paid £7. It was 100meters…In the morning we went through the border. Customs wanted us to pay tax on the fuel we didn’t buy in Bolivia….Sounds like Syria. We actually got it in Brazil. We slept in a fuel station and filled up without the hassle and bribes like Bolivia.We met Henning again in Puna and nearly ran him over. We found a cafe and parked right outside the place. A few mins in to eating a guy went behind the car and then came back out. Peering into the cafe he must have decided we weren’t inside but we were. He went behind the car again so I went out. He saw me and according to a young girl who told me in English. “He’d tried to open the car”. He moved off down the road. I did not chase after as there was little point. There were lots of people around and what could I have done.We decided to go to the gorge at Chivay and allegedly its deeper then the Grand Canyon. It was too expensive. They charge a lot for something that looking at Google Images isn’t that great. We backtracked and slept at 4600meters. Not a good idea unless you’re an astronaut. The car didn’t wat to start in the morning due to freezing temperatures and little oxygen. After 20-30 seconds of cranking and 3 attempts Matilda came to life. Phew….One more tip about altitude is when your boiling an egg….make sure its well boiled. We’ve both had it bad…..enough said. I needed Antibiotics and Gatoaid. I had a fever and was a bit unwell…Not good when your using a not so good squat toilet and sleeping in a Land Rover. We’re camping in the Truck park come garage used by the Overland “Bus” Companies. They like to be called Overland Trucks but they’re just not….Its a bus with seat and people. Trucks carry fruit and stuff not tourists….Well mostly…..unless you’re in Africa.We should go to the thing in Peru tomorrow or the day after….how we get there is yet to be decided. Henning is on his way. We think he’s been stopped for no insurance ! Naughtly Boy !We managed to get round the bridge…..via the dam wall road. Looks like the guy that opens the sluce gate opened it a bit too much and washed away the bridge. I bet he got a bollocking….

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