brown wooden wall thermometer on the wall

Hotdamn Hot

Last night was the most uncomfortable we have been. It was very hot and humid all night. It was over 30c when we went to bed and stayed there almost all night. It may have gone down a bit but i didn’t notice !Its nights like this that make you wonder if a roof tent is any better. We have the fan in the “bedroom” and you don’t get that in a roof tent. I even resorted to opening the sliding side windows for only the second time and the lack of wind contibuted to the difference the made….none ! The ventilation in a roof tent would be similar and no wind would make the tent very hot. Having not slept in one i can’t comment but we are still thinking of getting one later on.Henning has been hit by a bus and is injured and so is his bike. Its not major but not good. His bike needs some minor repair and so does his arm. One of the little taxi buses the same ones that broke my wing mirror. Yesterday i rammed one and he actually stopped to let me past. There’s a first for everything. These buses are ruining africa’s traffic and they are all death traps.

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