Accomodations Problems

Last night we stayed in Dodoma (the Capital City of Tanzania) and arrived late and as per usual this combined with a late arrival means problems finding somewhere to stay. For one, its dark and there’s no street lights at all anywhere. We found somewhere just on the outskirts for 5000TSH including a shower in the morning and we were very happy. We camped in their carpark with security who got the 5000TSH in his pocket straight from the manager. This was the Rock Hotel near to the Lutheren Church and one the way to Dar Es Salaam.Tonight we have done one better. The marvellous people at Dragonaires Bar and Restaurant in Morogoro have let us use a room for free !!!! would you believe it !!! Its like Christmas. They are being so nice. Its 6:30pm and we have somewhere to stay, somewhere to shower and somewhere to eat and drink !! The car is safe and sound and the manager here is being a star.

don’t lean into the photo….its the photographers job to fit you in the frame not for you to lean in!!!!!

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