Hard Rain

Morgan Freeman in Hard Rain not really his best film but considering the rubbish weather yesterday in Cape Town the title is fitting. The wind and rain putting a real dampener on my spirits quite literally. Very strong wind a lashing rain. Couldn’t even unpack my spares which were quite literally smuggled into South Africa,,, only to be smuggled out again. This is the problem with crossing countries, they want tax for everything even if the things imported are being exported again. I understand the rules but do not understand the implementation of them. Proof below…. The flight was eventful, shouldn’t that be un-eventful? They wouldn’t let us fly as we didn’t have a return ticket! So a frank discussion in Heathrow and Julie demanding they ring immigration in SA solved the issue. The manager on the South African Airways counter in UK getting told by SA customs that they had no problem with letting us in without a return ticket as we were leaving by car or by other means. How the nice lady in the UK ever thought it would be a problem is anybodies guess. Looks like its an airline rule an not a customs rule and a “jobsworth airline” rule at that. The airline being scared of something because they get fined if we get rejected in South Africa. Something they think might happen so all the staff get the jitters. Anyhow she sorted it out and we are exremely greatful that sense prevailed. Thanks lady in red.We picked up the car from Roverland and paid 300Rand for parking for a month so about £22. Thanks to Martin. The car started like a Land Rover (4th time) and I thought there may be water in the tank but Martin thought it would be air in the fuel line. Maybe either. Had a bit of white at startup so looked like water but could be under fuelling/air? Some of the more learned Land Rover readers may like to comment. Fuel seeping back into the tank over a month possibly.The rain and weather here have filled the rooftop “ammo cover” canvas bag with water so everything is out drying in the wind and sunshine today. None of the canvas sold in South Africa is waterproof.You may note from the map we’ve moved. Des and Hennie may be getting worried as we are just up the road. We actually met Des in Joburg airport in our mad rush for the connecting flight. The flight from the UK was delayed as the crew didn’t turn up having been stuck in the traffic on the M25. So 300 or so people were waiting for them to turn up. Would they have been so forgiving had I been 3 hours late? I don’t thing so. We were in fact 5 hours early having left enough time for things like that to happen. They do not, they just keep us waiting. We think some people in the same traffic jam were allowed to check in as there were people turnin up at the gate very late indeed. After the listed departure time in fact.We left my backup hard drive at home…..big mistake. DHL will come to the rescue.

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