The Producers

Today has been pretty productive. We’ve contacted to shipping agents and they have committed to get us some quotes. Knowing how unreliable they are we shall see if they fulfil their commitments. (now that would be a fitting title for the next blog entry if they come through).We also went to Customs House (SARS) and after a bit of discussion and head scratching they stamped out the old carnet and the new carnet in. I could shout with joy!!!The lady on the counter didn’t know what to do and was just about to ring Pretoria when the specialist carnet guy returned from his lunch break. He knew  exactly what to do and after much stamping, signing, writing all over the  carnet and paperwork, he photocopied it all, sent us on our way. Now I’m a  sceptic and considering the risk is highest in South Africa of a claim on the  carnet being filed, we are obviously worried. I’ve emailed the RAC to see  if thats it. The guy at SARS was confident thats all thats needed but I’m not sure. The carnet process is pretty terrible and poorly implemented worldwide with very few people knowing actually what it is. The customs go through the motions and don’t actully know what the carnet does or what to do with the two pieces of paper it generates in each country. We’ve learnt that the exit piece of the paper work should go back to the entry border. Does this ever happen? I very much doubt it as some borders didn’t even know how to fill it in and we have to explain. No doubt the ones that do are the ones that claim on the carnet all the time,,,,Egypt and South Africa anyone?So we now need to DHL the carnet to the RAC and see what happens. Watch this space…….its only £12,000 of my money…they have the other £4500 for the new carnet also !I promise to post a few photos in the next post….

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